Why we care?

We see that we grow what we care. Every area of our life needs care. We can change our destiny with changing what we focus on. We can live a meaningful and vital life despite some life barriers.
With internet, information is everywhere. Careboxy aims to help people with technological tools in physical, emotional, relationships, financial and spiritual areas.


Our highest value to help people empower their life. We integrate tech with science&wisdom.

Mehmet Ali Agrap – Founder

This is Mehmet. I have dealt with anxiety in the last 10 years. I faced depressive moments, low confidence moments, unworthy moments and goes on. I tried some short term substances that hide my consciousness and they only created short time reliefs. I sometimes avoided social gatherings, important events, some job interviews and many other. But i don’t give up something: To read and research my anxiety&body&emotions&my purpose. I find many ways to cope with myself, my anxiety, my low confidence, my unhelpful thoughts. Now i am ready to help other people about what i learned. I am strongly driven to this purpose and i have knowledge about variety of topics including mix of science and my experience.
Careboxy mission: That’s why I created a project called Careboxy and its mission is to empower people in all areas of life with technological tools to create more meaningful and manageable life.